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Anonymous asked:

Urg man its annoying when you have to wait SOOO LONG for a fanfic you HIGHLY adore to update

I’m glad you HIGHLY adore our fanfic but Amb doesn’t have access to her laptop right now so  you have to be patient. Thank You -Kayla

Chapter 1

Lamborghini Mercy
Your chick she so thirsty
I’m in that two seat Lambo
With your girl she tryna jerk me

I jumped up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. I rolled over and grabbed my Iphone off my nightstand and turned it off I checked my phone for messages I had one from my best friend MiKo she was reminding me of our big test today. I sent her a quick text telling her ‘thanks’ then checked my other message from my mom she wanted me to call her as soon as I woke up. So I dialed my mothers number and got up to go to my closet to pick out my clothes while I talked to her. The phone rand three times before she answered.
"Hello Fionna"she said
"Yes mom"I said
"How are you baby? I just wanted to make sure you and MiKo were still meeting me and Lenna for lunch” she said I rolled my eyes and sighed I really didn’t want to go to this lunch with my mom and her girlfriend. Yes my mom is a lesbian but I never judge her I love my mom to death she just likes to nag about EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING.
"Yes mom we’ll be there after our test"I said
"Oh yes I forgot about your test today. Did you study a lot over the weekend?"she said I rolled my eyes
"Yes mother I studied"
"Good well I’m gonna let you go. Good luck and I’ll see you later Love you" She said
"Okay mom Love you too" I said we said bye and hung up.
I picked out my outfit and went to the bathroom to hygiene thing. I finished my shower and put on my bra and boy-shorts I lotion up and out my Clothes on I deiced to keep it cute because that’s my motto Keep it cute or put it on Mute. I curled my hair and finished up in the bathroom.
I sent a quick text to MiKo and told her I would meet her in front of the building she replied with an ‘okay’. I left my New York loft and walk down to the garage to get in my car. I threw my bag in the back seat and took off towards the school.
I pulled up in NYU’s Parking lot and parked my car I grabbed my bag and walked up to the school entrance. I didn’t see MiKo so I just sat on the bench and waited for her. 5 minutes later I heard my name I looked up and seen MiKo coming towards me
"Hey baby mamas" She said hugging me I loved my best friend when were together we are so RATCHET but in a good way we don’t tolerate much shit that’s why people don’t fuck with us like that.
"Hey Baby daddy" I said in my ratchet girl voice, she laughed at me as we start walking to our class for our test
"Girl I’m so nervous for this test tho I don’t know what to do" she said
"Bitch you smart as fuck why you nervous" I said
"Bitch just cause I’m half Asian don’t mean i’ma past this shit you know I don’t fuck with these weak ass test” she said I laughed and shook my head.
"You know you gone past bitch stop fronting"I said she shook her head in agreement.
"You right you right because i’m ONE SMART BITCH” she yelled the last part causing people to look at us “FUCK YOU LOOKING AT” she spat and people quickly turned away
"Why you so ghetto tho" I said
"Same reason you act proper because that’s who I amm" she said I playfully pushed her and we walked in the class to take our seats we sat down and talked for a bit till our professor came in and started passing out our test we had three hours to complete it. she gave us our cue to start and we did.
We finished our test and turned them in it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be I feel like I Aced it. MiKo and I decided to walk to meet my mom and Lenna at the restaurant just to kill some time plus nether of us wanted to drive in that New York traffic. We were walking and talking through a park and we seen a group of boys standing by a picnic table. We were walking past them when one grabbed MiKo's hand she snatched away.
Nigga don’t fucking touch me” she spat the guy laughed at her.
"Yo Kirko you hear this bitch” one guy said.
"Yeah man she got a slick ass mouth boss gone like this one Hood" the Kirko guy said he looked at me and winked I rolled my eyes and grabbed MiKo's hand.
"Come on MiKo we ain’t got time for these nigga’s” I said we turned around to walk away I turned around to see if the guys were still there they weren’t.
MiKo they ain’t there no more” I said she turned around and looked I felt her grip on my hand tighten and she looked at me.
"Lets hurry up and get outta here" she said I nodded my head and we started walking faster we seen a black van pull up in front of us and stopped the van door opened and me and two guys came out the van I turned to look at MiKo her face was unreadable. The guys start running towards us.
"MIKO RUN" I Screamed and we started running I still had her hand in my hand as we ran I looked back and the guys were heavy on our trail, we ran into the trees in the park I felt MiKo slowing down “MiKo keep running baby girl, we gotta get outta here” I said I knew it was hard for her because she had Asthma. I held her hand tighter and practically dragged her as we ran. I looked back and the guys weren’t behind us anymore.
“Okay were clear there not behind us” we stopped running and MiKo took her inhaler out and took to puffs I heard a branch snap but I don’t know where it came from MiKo was crying really hard “Shh MiKo be quite for a min” I said she stopped and covered her mouth I heard another branch break coming from s different angle when I turned around to face MiKo I seen a guy holding MiKo with a gun in his hand holding it tight to MiKo's temple.
She was crying harder now. But I couldn’t hear it because he had his mouth over her mouth “Pl-Please just let us go” I said listening to the cracking in my voice “Please we won’t tell anyone” I said, he laughed.
"Now how am I gonna believe you after you ran away from us nah ma you good, you and your little friend are coming with us" he said I now had tears rolling down my face before I could say anything else I felt someone grab me from behind and put a cloth over my face before I could react I blacked out.
I woke up in a dark room my hands and feet were tied together I was hanging up on something. I went into panic mood because I couldn’t see shit and I was in a dark room. I hate the dark I’ve hated the dark since I was a little kid. Also because I had no ideal where MiKo was.
MiKo"I whispered I heard soft cries "MiKo" I said again
"My name is not MiKo"the voice said
"Who are you"I said
"My name is Kimmy"she said
"Kimmy how old are you"I said
"I’m only 16" she said Oh My God she’s just a baby I thought “What’s your name”
"I’m Fionna"I said
"I’m scared"she said crying
"Listen to me Kimmy we’re gonna get out of here okay" I said she didn’t answer she just cried "Okay Kimmy I’m gonna get us outta here do you hear me"
"Yes"she said
We heard the locks on the door began to open up and she started crying more.
"Stop crying! Don’t show them you’re weak they’ll think they’ve won" I said then the doors open and the lights came on I shut my eyes because my eyes weren’t use to the light yet, when I opened my eyes four men were in the room looking at Kimmy and I one was touching her face and she was squirming to get away form his reach.
"Leave her the fuck alone!" I spat they turned their attention towards me, one came to me grabbing my face I moved away form him he grabbed a holed of my face squeezing it.
"She’s a feisty one Rex I like it"he smiled his breath smiled like beer and cigs.
"Get off my face"I spat moving my face he grabbed a hold of it again this time harder.
"Listen bitch I own you now I’ll touch your face all I want, you got that" he said I didn’t answer he gripped my face harder causing me to yelp out in pain and he smiled “I said do you got that bitch” he said I spit in his face he backed away from me laughing and whipping his face before I knew it he punched the fuck outta me I screamed I felt blood drip outta my mouth.
I had tears forming in my eyes I tried my hardest not to let them fall he walk back up to me and grabbed my face “Now you do as I say or you’ll get more of that do you hear me” he said I nodded my head and his smile widen “Good girl” he praised me like a fucking dog.
He turned around facing the other guys “Untie them and bring them, the Asian one and the other one to my office” he said the guys nodded and Rex and him left the guys untied us but they tied our hands on front of us and started walking us to another room we got to the room and one guy went into the room while the other guy watched us. The guy came back out with a girl with blondie and black hair came out she had her head down so I couldn’t get a good look at her face she looked young just like Kimmy.
Soon the guy came out with MiKo I was so happy she was okay.
MiKo"I said she looked up and smiled at me with tears forming in her eyes I went over to her and grabbed her hands and smiled as tears rolled down my cheeks "I’m so glad your okay"I said
"Same to you love I thought I thought they killed you"she said now crying I whipped her tears.
"I’m right here Mimi I’ll never leave your side"I said kissing her hands
"Lets go" the guy said yanking me away form her and walking us down the hall we made it to a room and they walked us inside the same two guys that were touching me and Kimmy sitting at a desk. The two guys lined us up in front of the desk. The two guys that were sitting at the desk came up to us.
"So I bet you wondering why your here huh?"the Rex guy said we didn’t say anything
"Well you’re here to fight and win your freedom back, you’ll be put into fights to win money if you lose we will push back your freedom date" he said
"Wait so you kidnapped us to fight?” MiKo said
"No we kidnapped you two to fight” he said pointing to me and MiKo
"These two are here because there young and fresh and they’ll be doing dirty work for us" he said with a smirk on his face
"Fuck you mean dirty work"I spat he came up to me
"I mean they’ll be our bitches but unlike you to they’ll be selling drugs for us” he said slightly stroking my cheek but I quickly snatched away.
"Fuck that there just kids and I be dammed if I fight for my freedom" I spat he laughed and walked away
"Is that so" he said rubbing his chin leaning on the desk
Yesser! you got me fucked up”I said rolling my eyes
"Ha okay since you don’t want to do it how bout I just kill them" He said, him and the other guy grabbed Kimmy and the other girl and held a gun to their heads they were screaming and crying "Now you make the choice either you fight or we kill them" he spat I didn’t say nothing "I give you to the count of three" he said Kimmy and the other girl were trying to get out of their arms.
"1…" still didn’t say nothing
"2…" he cocked the gun back and my heart start beating faster
"Okay you wanna play -" before he could get the word 3 out I gave in
"Okay damn it okay I’ll fucking do it just let them go” I said his smile returned and they threw them to the ground the guys put the guns away.
"Now that wasn’t so bad huh?" he said smiling I didn’t say nothing "Now you will be trained you start tomorrow at dawn be there or your little friends go sleeping with the fishes You got that" he said I nodded my head "Alright get these bitches out of my sight" he spat and the guys took us out the room and they threw us in four separated rooms.
They untied my hands and left I crawled on the bed and cried. If only we would have took the car we wouldn’t be in this mess I thought. I cried my self to sleep…

I Guess I have Have to fight for survival…

Anonymous asked:

I absolutely love this fanfic already bro keep it coming I dislike that hair pulling stuff smh weakness lol but good job keep it coming please :)

Aww thank you ! Ikr bitches && hair pulling TISS TISS ! we will -Kayla

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